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New Survey: Hourly-Respite-Application

Date of Application
First Name
Last Name
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Postal Code
Are you currently employed?
Present Employment Job Title
Do you have a valid BC Driver's License?
Do you own a vehicle?
Are you willing to provide care in your home?
What is your availability?
Approximately how many hours a week do you want to provide care?
What level of care are you comfortable supporting?
  Mild Moderate Severe
Behavioural/Multiple Challenges 
What is the age range you are willing to provide care for?
Do you have a gender preference for whom you provide care?
Are you able to assist with the following personal care needs?
Do you have a current First Aid Certificate?
Other than English, what languages do you speak, if any?
Please list all previous services you or any member of your family has received from the Ministry of Family Development and/or the Ministry of Housing and Social Development.
Please identify which diagnosis/challenges you are willing to work with.
As part of our screening process prior to becoming an RSCL caregiver, the following requirements will be checked. Please identify any requirements that may pose a problem for you.